Welcome Back, Cashmere

Premium knitwear without the premium price tag. ‘Tis the season.

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Premium Quality

We rigorously test every product to ensure it meets or exceeds the quality of top brands. If it doesn't, we won't sell it.

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Unparalleled Prices

We've eliminated traditional brand and retail markups, which means you pay 50-80% less for the exact same quality.

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Straight From the Source

Shopping on Italic means supporting a network of independent manufacturers (the same ones behind your favorite brands).

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A set of different colored leather sneakers

Back to Basics

The most un-basic basics.

A woman wearing a cozy sweater

Fall For It

Gear up for the coziest time of year.

A leather bag

Best in Leather

Premium leather without a premium price tag.

It pays to be bold.

Italic Bold members get $30 off their first orders (with $90 more where that came from). That's just one of the ways it pays to be bold.

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$120 in Italic Credit


Exclusive Events

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$5 per Product Review


$30 Referral Bonuses

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Introducing Italic Beauty

Our new line is here to make high-grade beauty solutions more affordable.

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The Best Bed Sheets

We break down the most important aspects of each with a definitive guide to the sheets we have on offer.

Chosen by Our Experts

A Better Way to Shop

Unbranded products from the same factories as bona fide luxury brands.

A radical business selling quality goods without the middleman markup.

Quality is superior to what you can find on other online retailers.

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