Italic, Unwrapped

We made a comprehensive list of crowd-pleasing presents sure to please everyone (and we mean everyone) on your list. No gift receipts necessary.

Ready To Ride

Take a tour of our first cycling collection built for pros and new riders alike.

Good Form

Introducing Italic Intimates, where body-loving fabrics meet customizable support for a truly seamless experience.

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Get Your Gifts in Time

Consider this a helpful reminder to place your orders extra early this year. Because the holidays didn’t get stuck in a shipping container.

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Your Home For the Holidays

By shopping at Italic, you pay 50-80% less for premium quality. Because your loved ones deserve gifts they can treasure forever.

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Need Gift Guidance?

Reach out and we’ll dust off our gifting concierge skills to help you lock down the perfect present. (Don’t forget to check out the Gift Guide!)

The 2021 Italic Gift Guide

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The Small Indulgences Shop

For anyone who already has two of everything.

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The Host-with-the-Most Shop

For the friend that makes you RSVP for lunch.

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The Housewarming Shop

For someone who's been unpacking since January.

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The 100% Cashmere Shop

For the knitwear purist who won't wear anything but.

A set of different colored leather sneakers

Gifts Under $50

For your secret holiday gift swap.

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Gifts Under $100

For the most difficult person on your list.

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The Italic Starter Shop

For the person that asks, 'Italic, like the font?''

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Curated by Italic

A set of different colored leather sneakers

The Night-In Shop

For the friend who says 'this has been a week' every week.

A woman wearing a cozy sweater

The Self-Care Shop

For fans of mantras and ten-step skincare routines.

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The Greater Outdoors Shop

For anyone who can start a campfire with just rocks.

It pays to be bold.

Italic Bold members get $30 off their first orders (with $90 more where that came from). That's just one of the ways it pays to be bold.

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