We are reinventing the supply chain to create a better model of retail


We are reinventing the supply chain to create a better model of retail

What is Italic?

Italic is a marketplace that lets consumers shop unbranded luxury goods directly from the world's most exclusive factories for every facet of their life. By removing brands and labels from the equation, manufacturers earn significantly higher profits while passing “brand markup” savings onto customers.

How Italic Works

Italic relies upon our deep network of hard-to-find and sought-after suppliers around the world that are behind industry-leading brands.

After passing our auditing process, Italic partners are introduced to our merchandising teams who ensure an extremely exacting standard during the design, development, and production processes and receive access to our proprietary technology platform to track and organize all communications and tasks which enables us to operate our supply chain at a scale and speed unprecedented in retail.

Finished products are then centralized and freighted to our network of warehouses and distribution centers in North America, from where orders are packaged and shipped to customers.

All of this is to say that when you place an order with Italic, you'll receive a well-made product that ordinarily costs much more even compared to other “direct-to-consumer” brands, is produced at a highly-vetted, ethical factory, and will arrive at your doorstep in a week or less.

Italic products

What products do italic sell?

We’re starting with consumer products that historically have really high markups — think skincare, luxury goods, and luggage. We take our time picking what to develop and putting in the work to make them perfect. We won't release anything until we're proud and confident in it being the best value in its respective market.

How do we price things?

We try to keep our pricing as low as possible for our customers without sacrificing quality. Our pricing normally comes out to around half of what DTC brands and around a third of what traditional brands typically offer. Our check-in luggage, for instance, retails at $125, or half of a comparable Away product and a third of a comparable Tumi product.

While our products are by no means the cheapest in each category, we’re confident that everything we put out will always be the most beautiful, highest-quality product you compared to anything out there, dollar-for-dollar.

Our Manufacturing Partners

Italic partners with manufacturers all over the world and are singularly focused on finding the best manufacturers of each product in the world, regardless of where they are. We rigorously vet our factory partners on extremely exacting standards, and never compromise on the materials or craftsmanship we use.

In pursuit of making the best version of each product, we always travel and search around the world but very often end up back in China for the very simple reason that almost no other country has world-class factories that come close the level of attention, quality control, access to quality materials, and strong product development capabilities.

As a result, our products are proudly made in China. And Portugal. And Italy. And the United States. At the end of the day, we're not interested in selling marketing myths. Instead, we look for wherever makes the best version of each product. Because that extra time and effort we spend searching ultimately results in better value for you.

Our Team

The Italic team is composed of a diverse group of retail and technology veterans, hailing from the likes of Patagonia, Apple, Snap, Barney's, Wayfair, and more.

Motivated by our mission and guided by our set of core values, our team combines traditional product development with modern technology to reinvent commerce for the greater good.

Founded in 2018, Los Angeles-based Italic has raised $13 million in venture funding from Comcast Ventures, Global Founders Capital, Index Ventures, Ludlow Ventures and a number of individual angel investors.

Our founder, Jeremy Cai, comes from a family with a long history in manufacturing. Having worked in the industry since a young age, he realized the inefficiencies and unfairness that the existing model of retail offered both manufacturers and consumers. After years of planning and speaking with manufacturers, Jeremy founded Italic as a means to democratize access to quality goods.