Luxury without labels.

We use the same materials and manufacturers as luxury brands to develop atelier-grade essentials, minus the large brand markups.

How it works.






1/ Sourcing

Our sourcing team is singularly focused on finding the best factory for each category, regardless of where they are. We are proud to partner with manufacturers all over the world from Italy, China, Korea, to Portugal.

2/ Audit

We audit our partners on strict standards well beyond the industry norm. Our team visits and assesses each factory on a 90 point scale to grade their craftsmanship, material suppliers, environmental impact, and working conditions.

3/ Development

Our product team leverages decades of expertise and top-shelf material suppliers to develop products of equivalent or better quality and design than luxury brands.

4/ Payments

We built Italic with an explicit mission of providing manufacturers a way earn higher margins than their traditional clients while also saving our customers 50-80% by removing the brand markups.

Gold and pearls—all in one.

Crafted from 14k solid gold and lustrous freshwater pearls, these timeless earrings are designed to catch light from every angle. Graceful gold accents give our classic studs a twist that will elevate your look and add texture to your earring stack. All Italic freshwater pearls are graded AA or AA+ and designed to be heirloom staples in your collection.

The Last Line

Zoë Chicco

14K Solid Gold

Pearl Gradation

AA - AA+



Pearl Size

3 - 3.5 mm

3.5 mm

3 mm

Top-grade cultured freshwater pearl.

Our pearls are graded AA to AA+ to ensure exceptional clarity, luster, and purity. Designed to shine forever from generation to generation.

The gold standard.

Italic pieces are solid gold — unlike the gold fill, vermeil, or plating by most brands, our solid gold essentials won’t degrade, fade, or tarnish over time. These are heirloom-quality pieces designed to last.

Solid Gold

Pure 14k gold, through and through.


Thick gold layer bonded over a base metal like brass.

Gold Vermeil

Thin gold layer bonded over sterling silver.

Gold Plated

Very thin gold layer bonded over a base metal like brass.

100 years of craftsmanship.

Spanning from New York to Amsterdam, our manufacturers combine over 100 years of heritage craftsmanship for the world’s most prestigious brands to handcraft jewelry that meets the highest quality standards.

Our material standard.

14k Solid Gold

14k solid gold is crafted to last a lifetime and won’t degrade, fade, or tarnish over time.

Grade AA+ Pearls

We use grade AA-AA+ pearls, the highest possible grade for clarity, purity, and luster.

100% Traceable

Our jewelry is ethically sourced using an end-to-end traceable supply chain.

Purchase with confidence.

This piece of jewelry comes with a limited 90-day warranty that covers defects in the material or craftsmanship. This warranty does not cover damage due to storage, transportation, or improper use (failure to follow instructions). To obtain warranty service, please send your order information and photos of the damaged item to during the warranty period.


90-Day Warranty

Italic Guarantee

More precious pearls.

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From the source.

Shop from the same manufacturers as luxury brands and save up to 80% for the same quality.

Retailer Markup

Save 30%

Brand Markup

Save 60%

Materials & Labor

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14k Solid Gold Cultured Petite Pearl Studs



Traditional Retail

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ISO 9001

Operating since


Audited quality

We run a 30-point audit on quality, sustainability, and safety on every factory.

Luxury-grade materials

We use top-shelf, premium materials wherever we can to improve quality.

World-class craftsmen

We use the same factories as top brands to ensure the absolute best construction.

Customer care

We offer live support from 9am-9pm EST and respond to emails within 24 hours.


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