Luxury without labels.

We use the same materials and manufacturers as luxury brands to develop atelier-grade essentials, minus the large brand markups.

How it works.






1/ Sourcing

Our sourcing team is singularly focused on finding the best factory for each category, regardless of where they are. We are proud to partner with manufacturers all over the world from Italy, China, Korea, to Portugal.

2/ Audit

We audit our partners on strict standards well beyond the industry norm. Our team visits and assesses each factory on a 90 point scale to grade their craftsmanship, material suppliers, environmental impact, and working conditions.

3/ Development

Our product team leverages decades of expertise and top-shelf material suppliers to develop products of equivalent or better quality and design than luxury brands.

4/ Payments

We built Italic with an explicit mission of providing manufacturers a way earn higher margins than their traditional clients while also saving our customers 50-80% by removing the brand markups.



Capture light from every angle.

Discover the classic elegance of our intricate rope chain necklace, rendered in solid 14k gold and carefully woven with expert precision. Put your own twist on this timeless design by layering it with other pieces, or let it make a sophisticated statement on its own.

Italian Gold


Gold Type





1.9 mm

4 mm



18 in

18 in

20 in

The gold standard.

Italic pieces are solid gold — unlike the gold fill, vermeil, or plating by most brands, our solid gold essentials won’t degrade, fade, or tarnish over time. These are heirloom-quality pieces designed to last.

Solid Gold

Pure 14k gold, through and through.


Thick gold layer bonded over a base metal like brass.

Gold Vermeil

Thin gold layer bonded over sterling silver.

Gold Plated

Very thin gold layer bonded over a base metal like brass.

Ancient inspiration meets contemporary craftsmanship.

Once crafted from materials like linen and leather, the rope necklace was believed by ancient cultures to bring good luck to the wearer. The style evolved into a symbol of elegance during the Renaissance period, when artisans cast them from metals such as gold and silver. The intricate designs were often given as gifts to mark special occasions, and their timeless look gives them continued appeal to this day.

100 years of craftsmanship.

Spanning from New York to Amsterdam, our manufacturers combine over 100 years of heritage craftsmanship for the world’s most prestigious brands to handcraft jewelry that meets the highest quality standards.

Safe & sound.

It’s all in the details. Each Italic jewelry piece arrives carefully packaged in our signature suede jewelry case with a matching gift box.

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"With no middlemen or mark-ups you can pay a palatable price that's closer to the true cost of making that beautiful jewelry."


Remi Rosmarin


Complete the look.

More timeless jewelry, designed to be mixed and matched.


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14k Solid Gold Rope Chain Necklace



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True luxury, radical value.

We empower the world’s best manufacturers to bypass brand and retailer to deliver true luxury quality without the markups.

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