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Everyday Workout Bundle


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High-caliber workouts at a better price.

We’ve created the ultimate set of bestsellers to help take your fitness to the next level. This premium bundle includes our heavy-duty Long Resistance Loop (50-120 lbs), supportive 5 mm Yoga Mat, and quick-drying Yoga Towel — at substantial savings. Sweat your workout, not the price tag.

Long Resistance Loops (50-120 lbs)

Find your favorite loophole for any workout. This heavy band will fit every exercise — from deadlifts to squats to strength training to stretching. Simple but sturdy, it’s perfect for an on-the-fly workout while traveling or at home.

Yoga Mat

We designed our bestselling yoga mat with a few things in mind — durability, density, and the notion that high prices should never inhibit your flow. This non-slip polyurethane mat features a natural rubber bottom that keeps everything grounded and in place. The thick cushioning will provide your practice with support and stability.

Yoga Towel

This eco-friendly microfiber yoga towel features natural moisture-wicking properties and a textured surface to keep your hands extra secure during challenging poses and lengthy classes. It’s highly absorbent yet dries quickly, so it’ll always be ready for your next workout.

In the loop on performance.

Heavy-duty thickness.

100% latex.

Versatile design.

Practice made perfect.

Non-slip surface.

Dense and durable construction.

Thick 5 mm cushion.

Sweat the details.

Moisture-wicking microfiber.

Ultra-absorbent and quick-drying.

Made from recycled material.

Get a full-body workout.

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