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Gold Engraved Initial Locket Necklace

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A modern heirloom

Keep precious moments close to your heart with this timeless locket. Featuring an engraved gold pendant on a delicate chain, this personalized keepsake is meant to be shared with those you love — with a stunning design you’ll want to keep for yourself.


Hamilton Jewelers

Locket Size

15 x 12.5 mm

15 x 12.5 mm

16 x 16 mm


The Italic Gold Standard

14k Solid Gold

Jewelry designed to last a lifetime, each piece is high-quality 14k solid gold. That means it won’t degrade, fade, or tarnish over time.

100% Traceable

Our gold is always ethically sourced from 100% traceable supply chains. We are committed to quality every step of the way.

Expert Craftsmanship

Our jewelry manufacturer has created diamond, gemstone, and solid gold jewelry for some of the best-known luxury brands in the world. Based in New York and Amsterdam, they combine more than 100 years of heritage craftsmanship with modern, sustainable manufacturing techniques to produce handcrafted jewelry that meets the highest-quality standards and lasts a lifetime.

Not all gold is created equal.

Italic pieces are solid gold — the finest gold available for jewelry-making. Unlike the gold fill, vermeil, or plating used by other retailers, our solid gold essentials won’t degrade, fade, or tarnish over time. These are heirloom-quality pieces designed to last.

Solid Gold

100% 14 karat gold, through and through.


Permanently-bonded thick layer of gold over a base metal like brass or copper.

Gold Vermeil

Thin layer of gold added to sterling silver via electroplating

Gold Plated

Very thin layer of gold added to a base metal like brass or copper.

Purchase with confidence.

This piece of jewelry comes with a limited 90-day warranty that covers defects in the material or craftsmanship. This warranty does not cover damage due to storage, transportation, or improper use (failure to follow instructions). To obtain warranty service, please send your order information and photos of the damaged item to during the warranty period.


Italic 90-Day Warranty

"I waited years to find just the right (gold) locket to purchase as an adult - this locket is it. I took it to my family jeweler and had it engraved with something special."



Daniela L

Italic Customer

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Yellow Gold

I had a silver locket as a little girl remember adoring it - kept my family pets pics in it :) I waited years to find just the right (gold) locket to purchase as an adult - this locket is it. I took it to my family jeweler and had it engraved with something special.

Daniela L
March 09, 2022
Yellow Gold

This is such a cute locket. I opted for without engraving because I wanted a more simple look. Will keep forever.

Jaclyn M
February 22, 2022
Smaller than expected.
Yellow Gold

It'll do the trick for a mother's day present, but the locket is smaller than I expected. Probably my fault for not reading/conceptualizing properly.

Robert B
April 12, 2022
Pretty but not well made
Yellow Gold

Chain is boring and came broken at the clasp. Locket is cute.

Olivia B
March 15, 2022
It's okay - I will keep it.
Yellow Gold

For $195, the exterior (front and back) appears to have some minor scratching as if it rubbed against something. Due to metal obviously being shiny it's not terribly noticeable. I tried to add photos so you could see the clasp. I'm not sure that this is built to last. I do like...

ericka b
February 12, 2022
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We use top-shelf, premium materials wherever we can to improve quality.

World-class craftsmen

We use the same factories as top brands to ensure the absolute best construction.

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