Luxury without labels.

We use the same materials and manufacturers as luxury brands to develop atelier-grade essentials, minus the large brand markups.

How it works.






1/ Sourcing

Our sourcing team is singularly focused on finding the best factory for each category, regardless of where they are. We are proud to partner with manufacturers all over the world from Italy, China, Korea, to Portugal.

2/ Audit

We audit our partners on strict standards well beyond the industry norm. Our team visits and assesses each factory on a 90 point scale to grade their craftsmanship, material suppliers, environmental impact, and working conditions.

3/ Development

Our product team leverages decades of expertise and top-shelf material suppliers to develop products of equivalent or better quality and design than luxury brands.

4/ Payments

We built Italic with an explicit mission of providing manufacturers a way earn higher margins than their traditional clients while also saving our customers 50-80% by removing the brand markups.


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A spa experience at home.

Indulge in resort-grade towels for your home and create an at-home spa together with our Soleil Swiss Candles.

A family of handcrafted scents.

Together with our current manufacturer, we painstakingly tested 30 scent formulations before finalizing four selections that struck a balance between fruity and floral, heavier and lighter scents. Resulting in something we’re proud to sell, they’re already a member favorite, showing up in order after order.


Instead of paraffin wax, our candle is molded with natural soy wax and fragrance oils and is certified vegan-friendly.

Glass Vessel

For assembly, we used luxe reclaimed glass. The glossy vessel's clean design has a weighted bottom to keep the candle steady.

Burn Time

Ready for any occasion and developed to give the longest burn. If cared for properly, its clean burn can last for up to 40 hours.

Ultraplush Australian Cotton.

Pure 800 GSM Australian cotton. Oeko-Tex® Certified.

Pure Australian cotton.

Australia has a reputation for high-quality cotton while remaining one of the most water-efficient providers in the world. The result? Ultra-soft towels spun from combed, low-twist yarn with a smaller eco-footprint.

Gold standard for cleanliness.

Established in Switzerland, the Standard 100 certification ensures every component carrying the label is free of high levels of 100 substances or chemicals harmful to people and the environment.

Italic Sells Luxury Fashion For Less

"The candle proved to be high quality—it came in a lovely, thick glass container with a white exterior. It gave off the ideal amount of scent that was pleasant without being overwhelming. The fragrance is warm and cozy with a lightly floral top note thanks to the rosewood."

USA Today

Camryn Rabideau


Quiet Luxury Buys for the Home

"Made from plush 100% Australian cotton, these towels look and feel just like the ones found at many resorts or spas."


Brittany Natale


Create a cozy sanctuary.


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