Luxury without labels.

We use the same materials and manufacturers as luxury brands to develop atelier-grade essentials, minus the large brand markups.

How it works.






1/ Sourcing

Our sourcing team is singularly focused on finding the best factory for each category, regardless of where they are. We are proud to partner with manufacturers all over the world from Italy, China, Korea, to Portugal.

2/ Audit

We audit our partners on strict standards well beyond the industry norm. Our team visits and assesses each factory on a 90 point scale to grade their craftsmanship, material suppliers, environmental impact, and working conditions.

3/ Development

Our product team leverages decades of expertise and top-shelf material suppliers to develop products of equivalent or better quality and design than luxury brands.

4/ Payments

We built Italic with an explicit mission of providing manufacturers a way earn higher margins than their traditional clients while also saving our customers 50-80% by removing the brand markups.


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Step out in style and make a statement this Holiday season.

Our Hard Shell Mini Crossbody and Hancock Italian Acetate Sunglasses are all you need when you're out and about in the city. Both add instant style with minimal effort. These accessories boast quality construction that's designed to last, making both pieces wardrobe staples for any casual occasion.

Genius Gifts That Travelers Will Actually Use

"With interior pockets and a durable polycarbonate shell, you'll never find a spilled shampoo bottle or broken compact in your suitcase again."


Pauline Lacsamana


Keep things secure.

Keep your travel necessities inconspicuously close. Designed to protect all of your essentials, this unisex hard shell travel case features a durable polycarbonate exterior and interior elastic mesh compartments.

Sunglasses of International standards.

Mazzucchelli Acetate

Designed in Italy.

ZEISS Lenses

Developed in Germany.

OBE Hinges

Engineered in Belgium.

European design and engineering.

We meticulously sourced and rigorously tested components to create the best pair of sunglasses possible.


Designed in Italy and crafted with durable acetate from Mazzucchelli 1849 — the worldwide leader in manufacturing cellulose acetate for eyewear.


They’re developed in Germany by ZEISS, one of the few major lens manufacturers that still produce manual focus lenses.


Top that off with best-in-class, Belgian-engineered OBE hinges, and this is the result.

Sunshine without the glare.

Polarized sunglasses are crafted with a specially filtered lens, providing increased visibility in high-glare environments. Our polarized lenses are created with ZEISS OM15-CR39, one of the highest quality polarized lenses available on the market.


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