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Same scent supplier as Le Labo & Tom Ford

Operating since 2014

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- 40+ hrs burn time
- Non-toxic, clean burning
- Sustainable & biodegradable

Materials & Ingredients
100% vegan soy wax
Essential oils & terpenes
Reclaimed glass jar
Cotton fiber wick
Hand poured in Los Angeles

Weight: 8.5 oz (240 g)

Palo Santo Jasmine Lilac (White jar/wax)
- Palo Santo
- Lilac
- Jasmine
- Fig
Oud Vetiver (Black jar/wax)
- White Oud
- Vetiver
- Amber
- Frankincense
Black Pomegranate Rose (Black jar/wax)
- Blackened Pomegranate
- Black Pepper
- Rose
Palo Santo Cedar (Black jar/wax)
- Palo Santo
- Cedarwood
- Black Pepper
- Woodsmoke
Black Currant Geranium (White jar/wax)
- Black Currant Tea
- Geranium

For best results, burn the candle for at least a few hours the first time to allow the entire top layer to melt.

Smell good and feel good

Treat yourself to a delicious daily habit with our scented soy candles which are made in small batches by local artisans in our own backyard: West Hollywood, CA. Our candles are made from 100% vegan soy farmed in Kansas, which is then infused with natural essential oils from the same supplier used by Le Labo and Tom Ford. Each candle is hand poured into an elegant jar made of glass reclaimed from the ocean. With a full 40 hours of burn time, each intoxicating scent will fill your space with good vibes and good smells. For best results, burn the candle for at least a few hours the first time to allow the entire top layer to melt. All candles are hand poured so each one is unique and one of a kind.

Palo Santo Cedar

Cedarwood, Black Pepper, and Woodsmoke mingle with Palo Santo in this earthy scent. The resulting effect invokes the scent of burning Palo Santo wood, known for its medicinal and calming properties.

4.8 stars from 6 reviews


Kimberlin M.

April, 2019


This bag is fabulous in all ways and the craftsmanship is excellent. Highly recommend.


Linda T.

April, 2019

Red Bag

Pretty, nice size, great quality. Highly recommended.


Olena P.

January, 2019

The hand bag is well

The hand bag is well constructed and high quality. From that standpoint, there is virtually no difference from the other name brand, more expensive bags I own. I really like the concept with no flashy name tags. I wish there were more different styles to choose from.


Patricia R.

December, 2018

Sylvie Leather Bucket Bag

Wow! Perfectly made. Exceptional hardware (down to the inside zipper)! Arrived in pristine, glossy black-on-black Italic box. The bag was made in Italy and shipped through the UK, then the US. Customs documents neatly taped to box exterior. Bag itself wrapped in soft, heavy dust cover with Italic logo. This bag fits comfortably over the shoulder with hand straps. A detachable matching long strap is included. Two interior pockets, one with zipper, will fit cell phone or card wallet. Lining is ideal. Beautiful bag. Worth the wait!


Lauren G.

December, 2018

Really attractive handbag

I ordered a handbag and it is of great quality and really attractive.

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