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Unleash the power of your warrior within.

This curated warrior bundle includes three luxurious essentials to take your yoga routine to the next level. Our best-selling Yoga Mat creates a thick, non-slip base for maximum comfort. The 100% natural Cork Yoga Block helps you stretch farther and extend your range of motion to level up your poses. Finally, our microfiber Yoga Towel keeps you dry and moving even during your most intense workouts.

Cork Yoga Block

This yoga block will help you stretch farther and crunch harder through the most extended poses. Constructed from 100% natural cork, it’s dense, non-slip, and features rounded edges that are super easy to handle. The ideal texture for gripping, cork is the way to flow.

Yoga Mat (5 mm)

We designed our best-selling yoga mat with a few things in mind: durability, density, and the notion that high prices should never inhibit your flow. This non-slip, polyurethane mat features a natural rubber bottom that keeps everything grounded and in place. Thick and cushiony, it will provide all the support you need to take your practice to the next level.

Yoga Towel

Press down and sweat through with this eco-friendly microfiber yoga towel made from recycled plastic bottles. Its natural moisture-wicking properties and textured surface keep your hands extra secure during challenging poses and lengthy classes. It’s highly absorbent yet dries quickly, so it’ll always be ready for your next workout.

Unblock your practice.

100% natural cork.

Smooth and contoured edges.

Textured surface for easy grip.

Sun salutations in luxury.

Non-slip surface.

Dense and durable construction.

Non-toxic and natural rubber.

Sweat the details.

Moisture-wicking microfiber.

Made from recycled material.

Textured surface for better grip.

Complete your yogi essentials.

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Warrior Yoga Bundle


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