We’re a new model of commerce following the belief that high standards of living should be more accessible and that manufacturers deserve to be paid fairly.

Better everything

Better for you

By removing brands. and retailers, we pass incredible savings to you without compromising quality.

Better for factories

We empower factories to own and sell inventory, thereby enabling them to earn higher margins.

Better for the world

Top shelf materials, smaller production runs, and shorter supply chains mean less waste.

Better for you, better for manufacturers, better for the world.

With a better understanding of the supply chain, we can offer you better prices, and our manufacturers better pay. Here’s how:




the world’s best manufacturers.

Our experience in the manufacturing industry has lead us to the some of the best producers in the world who make for the best brands in the world. We look for groups who share our interest in long term, co-dependent relationships. We oversee a stringent auditing process that measures manufacturers based on working conditions, pay and benefits, and environmental impact. We only partner with those who score a 90 or above.


and design with intention.

The products on Italic are uniquely made. Leveraging the experience of our manufacturers and in-house design and development teams, we develop original goods that aim for high quality, durable designs in classic styles. By partnering on development, our manufacturers have more autonomy to help drive our products.


ethically and sustainably.

The materials and process behind the making of our goods are the same as the best brands in their category. By sharing ownership of inventory, our model encourages efficient production runs, limiting wasted product and supporting sustainable fashion.


luxury goods at unbeatable value.

Most retail products are overpriced, and most manufacturers are underpaid. Luxury fashion is arguably the worst offender. So we made a deal with our partners – they set the price and we split the profit. By taking the direct to consumer approach, we’re able to offer savings to you and better pay to those who made your goods.

Luxury without labels.

Quality Unbranded

Our model is a simple idea that puts the makers of your goods before the brand. We wanted our items to reflect this ethos. That’s why our goods come with little to no branding. Quality is in the product, not the label.